Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Almarie Speaks on lessons learned as a Mom! Happy Mother's Day

 Major Lessons 
I learned
Being a Mom!
  • Take time to communicate (i.e. family meetings, breakfast or dinner together)
  • Take time to support your child’s activities; academic as well as sports related
  • Take time to relax; have fun, we parent better when we are rested
  • Take time to pray often and read much about things we want to learn more of
  • Don’t loss sight of embracing your dream while supporting your child’s dreams
  • Don’t let any and everyone speak into your child’s life
  • Don’t allow child(ren) to easily quit once they start an activity (band, sport, office, etc) you have to finish-even if they choose not to do activity again
  • Never tell child what he can’t or won’t be on this journey called “LIFE”
  • Be a dream builder, not a dream killer!
  • Speak Life and truths over situations as often as you can!
  • Plan fun activities with family as you create great memories!
  • Be present as they speak ( listen, listen, and hear)
  • Enjoy the journey as they do grow up!!

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