Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Lessons in Small things!

I find it interesting how small things can send big messages.  It was early Sunday morning while grabbing a cup of tea, I noticed an ant crawling on my window seal and of course my first reaction was to get rid of it and that I did.  Days passed and not more sightings until my aunt mentioned that she had noticed there were several more in the same spot as she prepared to grab her a cup.  Now needless to say that the bug man had been out just days before and I do keep my area clean and free of crumbs. With that being said I took it upon myself to get the house hold spray and spray the area inside and out.  There that did take care of the problem.

But while reflexing on how they got in and what was the attraction to that spot I had these moments of revelations which I have to share!

1. If you allow one situation to go unnoticed and don't handle or address it it can get bigger and bigger which then leads to more mess!

2. Remove my trash nightly like I usually do, but didn't that night because I got a little lazy! Rest is good but laziness isn't allowed if you want to succeed at your dreams and visions.

3. Watch how diligently the ant worked busy all the time preparing for the next season! Focus and work consistently as the next season of life will be here before you know it!

4. Once the situation has been handled be watchful that you don't allow it to return. 

How grateful I am for the invasion of the ant as it reminded me of some life lessons that made me refocus and move back towards my "A" game!  That "A" game applies to all that you are doing!

I was also reminded of a message I heard from a pastor who said "God can speak to you thru a stop sign if you are listening"!

So I ask what small messages may have been sent your way that you missed?  Sometimes it's the smallest things that speaks the largest volume!

I would love to have you share the lessons you may have learned from the smallest situation!

Make it a great day! Keep listening and learning!

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